The Science Of Habits

Unlocking The Science Of Habits: How To Hack The Habit Loop

A good habit is tough to form, whereas bad habits get quickly into our minds. The science behind the regulation of the practices in our life is relatively simple if understood once. We have compiled some handy tips for you to break our bad habits and form some good ones. The process includes first understanding our brain in developing habits, breaking the habit loop, and change the bad habit into a good one.

Brain Function In The Habit Formation Science

As per the science, there is nerve tissue in our brain called basal ganglia, which also plays an essential role in Parkinson’s disease. In 1990, some students of MIT got the hunch that the primary function of the tissue is in the formation of habits in person. They performed some tests on the rats and understood the working of the brain when habits take place. For the use of the brain and cerebral cortex, mice must use the higher thinking cerebral cortex, but when they do something out of habit, they do not use the cerebral cortex but use the basal ganglia. It works like a mental RAM for them.

Similarly, for the formation of habit in humans, basal ganglia play an important role. With the use of science, we know that any practice you form and develop is the power of the brain behind it. Although, when bad habits created, you can still change with the use of brainpower and self-control.

Unlocking The Science Of Habits: How To Hack The Habit Loop

What Is Habit Loop?

The habit loop is just like any computer program. It is effortless to understand but very difficult to break. The habit loop consists of three parts-

Cue- Cue is the trigger of the event in your brain, which initiates the loop. The trigger can be of any type. It can place you are in, whether or color.

Routine- When your brain gets the cue, a method is performed by your mind when they get the signal from the brain. The routine can be emotional or physical.

Reward- The reward is the satisfaction you get after the performance of the routine or say habit in your case. For example, when you have smoked the cigarette or watched porn. It also helps your brain to understand whether the routine is to be remembered for future encounters.

Unlocking The Science Of Habits: How To Hack The Habit Loop

Break The Habit Loop And Change Bad Habits

The science behind changing your bad habits is to understand your habit loop and break it. Many scientists have stated that if you have recognized the routine and reward part of the circle, you can change the bad habits. It seems very simple, but when you have understood your routine, you will change the bad habits. The cue triggers the method in your mind. If you are aware that the particular place or emotions are your cue, break the routine by using your higher thinking cerebral cortex. With better practice and regular exercise, you can overcome bad habits and change them into good ones.

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