Tips on eating healthy food while traveling

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No matter how strict we are with ourselves on healthy eating, it does get a tad bit tough to maintain our health goals while travelling. When you are out for a holiday, you often feel like indulging in junk food. Most of us tend to put on a kilo or two extra after a week of travelling which fills us with guilt. While it is okay to binge eat sometimes, travelling doesn’t mean that we should forget our health and stuff in all sorts of unhealthy fats and carbs. Another reason why we tend to eat unhealthy while travelling is due to lack of availability of healthy stuff on the go. Its tough to find healthy food restaurants everywhere and since we don’t have access to cooking while travelling, we compromise on whatever is available.

But that concept is now slowly becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are getting conscious of healthy eating. Following listed are some amazing tips which help one eat healthy when travelling:

Pack some meals: 

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There is a whole range of food items which are non-perishable and can be carried for travelling. Stuff like nuts, protein bars and cereal bars are a good choice to take with you while travelling. When you binge eat crunchy nuts, you will forget the craving of having something crunchy, common and fattening like potato chips.

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Drink lots of water: 

Keep yourself hydrated while travelling is the key to good health. Remember to drink water frequently. Coconut water available almost everywhere is the next best option while travelling. Always make a conscious decision to choose coconut water instead of soda. 

Stock in fruits and vegetables whenever you happen to cross a supermarket: 

Always try to have some fresh fruits and vegetables for the day like bananas and apples. When you indulge in such healthy fruits and vegetables, you will find  yourself more energetic and these will get rid of your urge to have some junk food.

Avoid junk food:

 No matter how tempting they are, they have a tendency to make you sick or depleted very soon. You feel more fatigued after consuming them and as they don’t metabolize faster, the body stores them as fat. Even if there is no option, learn to balance your meal with a bit of carbs and more of salads. 

Eat small but frequent meals: 

Having small but frequent meals keeps one charged up and energized for longer. Having smaller meals gives signals to the brain that there is plenty to come and so the brain and body utilize whatever food there is in the best possible way and make you feel very energetic. 

These simple tips go a long way in assuring you that you have a healthy travel. The weighing machine won’t give you the jitters once your back and you can rejoice on the fact that you have managed to maintain your weight.

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