Stress: Stop Complaining To Gain Less Stress


In our daily days of hectic haste and hurry, we have to deal with different incidents and facts. Some might be the cozy ones with happy endings. On the contrary, some of them lead our minds to fluctuate from certain stages of temperament. Stress may not stand for a lifetime but do affect our mind settings and brain with some outcomes that can be constant in our days if not treated with attention and care. One of such can be the habit of complaining.

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Complaining About Being Stressful

We grew up in a society where complaining in the term is common and quite natural. In certain situations, we do get the help of the term, especially whenever we are out of our comfort zone. At some certain incidents, we do need to raise our voice but we should keep in mind that this can’t be our all and the last card to come to an end in any sort of situation. This habit of complaining often ends up with a mind full of negativity. It makes us weak in pressure and surrounds the brain with inferiority complexes. Studies reveal that the habit of complaining not only affects the complainers but also the mental stability of the listener. Some do cultivate the habit of complaining almost at everything to hide their insecurities and inabilities rather than taking proper measures.


Stress Brings A Negative Attitude

Rather than a mind full of negativity and inferiority, we can opt for a bright lifestyle contented with positive vibes. With a different approach, we can have less stress and tides apart from inviting certain unwanted and uncomfortable resultants. We need to cultivate patience which is the basic and most important factor to deal with the barriers. Though simple in terms this factor needs practice. At the point of complaining, one should question his/her self. Do focus on your words that come out of your mouth and complain only when you have a reasonable perspective. There are some differences between doing nothing and not reacting and one should know how and where to apply the mentioned. It will not be harmful to being kind to others and have some alternative approaches in life rather than being a spoiled person with and high-class performance in complaining.

Bad Listener

Sometimes in life, we are so delved in progressing and arguing with others that we forget to listen to people. It is said that in order to be successful in life, a person must be a good listener. Listening is a good habit and it helps us to find knowledge and good points from people surrounding us. However, sometimes it is great to avoid such conversations and change the topic. Many people complain a lot and probably all the time. There are many negative people who complain a lot.


There is a difference between genuine complaints and chronic complainers. It is not healthy to stay around these people as they only have negativity in themselves. It is impossible to stay with chronic complainers. It is better to have short conversations and avoid them.

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