Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life

Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life

Smoking is a modern vice that has engulfed many people into its arms. It is deadly, risky, dangerous, mortal, and costly. If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you need to quit smoking immediately. Men who have their families dependent on them for earning their bread and butter should quit smoking immediately, as it reduces their life expectancy. Moreover, smokers pose a health risk to passive smokers too.

To be tobacco-free will be the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family members as it increases your self-esteem, finances and improves your health.

Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life
Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life

Why Should You Quit Smoking?

It may lead to early death

Smoking causes harm to every organ in the body and deteriorates the overall health of a person. It can lead to stroke, lung and mouth cancer, chronic bronchitis, and other such dangerous diseases. Smoking causes 438,000 premature deaths on an average every year in the UN.

Reduces brain function

Continuous use of nicotine makes the brain addicted to it leading to withdrawal symptoms and less concentration if a smoker doesn’t get his regular dose. These changes are long-lasting changes similar to those who smoke heroin or other drugs.

It is costly

Smokers spend a lot of money daily on their cigarettes or other smokes. If stopped, one will see a substantial rise in one’s savings. One also pays less for health insurance or other medical claims.

Smoking ruins your appearance

Your dark circles will vanish and your face will shine with health. Your breath will smell better and stained teeth will become whiter. You will have less wrinkles and your nails and fingers will not appear yellowy.

Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life
Healthy Habits – Quit Smoking For A Healthy Life

Dangerous to pregnant women

If a pregnant woman smokes, the baby in the womb might develop asthma. Smoking also causes sudden death syndrome in infants and low birth-weights. Quit if you want to have a healthy baby.

See a healthier lifestyle change after quitting

Not only the looks of the person improve but the blood pressure of the smoker and the heart rate return to normal. The carbon monoxide present in the blood of a smoker reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. This declines as the person quit smoking. It reduces phlegm formation, thereby, reducing coughing.

Feed good after quitting

Food tastes better and the breath smells better. The chances of infertility and impotency also reduce. You will live longer and healthier. It causes artery damage and increased risks of blood clotting and stroke. Stopping smoking will gradually reduce such risks.

Good example to your family

If you quit this habit, others in the family will see the changes in your body and health and take it positively. They will know the dangers of smoking and refrain from falling into the habit.

Dangers of this habit are aplenty, but it is not impossible to quit it. One can go to a rehab or take some medications in order to quit smoking. Once you quit smoking you will lead a healthier and happier life. You will also be able to give a good example to your children and other family members.

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