Protect Your Heart: Know How To

Protect Your Heart

Cardiovascular disease is heart disease. When the supply of oxygen does not reach the heart properly, you can have a heart attack. Sometimes there are blockages in the veins and arteries which obstruct the flow of blood in the center, also cause a heart attack. Protect your heart from such diseases.

There are many types of heart diseases like Congenital heart disease, Arrhythmia, Coronary artery disease, and many others.

Knowing the above heart disease, you can be afraid of controlling the disease. But, there are many ways by which you can control heart disease without going to a doctor. You can prevent the disease by knowing your numbers before it is late.

Protect Your Heart
Protect Your Heart

Protect Your Heart: Causes Of Heart Disease

Developing cardiovascular disease is a combination of many risk factors. People think that there is a connection between poor diet and lack of exercise with a heart attack. However, there are two categories of risk that can cause heart disease.

Uncontrollable Risks Factors

The risks with which you have no control to change are uncontrollable. You must be careful about these higher-risk categories factor you fall.


The American Heart Association declares that above 83% of people who die with coronary heart attacks are more than 65 years old. People develop heart disease after 45 years for men and 55 years for women. As the plague begins to deposit from childhood in the arteries, getting older can increase the risks of a heart attack. According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the plague deposits began to build-up at the age of 70 years. But, you can see these symptoms only with one-third of the people.


Men experience more heart attacks than women in earlier life. Though, the risks of heart disease increase in women after menopause, but still less than mans.

Family History

If your parents or close relatives developed heart disease before 55 years, you must be careful because of the risk factor increases. Your DNA doesn’t need to develop heart disease, but lifestyle habits like exercise, diet, smoking, and drinking tend passing down from generations.

Protect Your Heart: Race

The American Indians, African Americans, and native Hawaiians have more heart attacks than other people in the states. They experience diabetes and high blood pressure, which causes high risks for heart disease.

Body Type

“Apple shape” means carrying excess weight in the belly area are at higher risks. However, “Pear Shape” bodies that store fat in the lower body does not have the same chances. Your genetics determines the body type even you lose weight.

Controllable Risks Factors

Controllable factors can be controlled by you, which protects you from getting heart disease. You may manage your diet, doing exercises, and changing your lifestyle. Here are some numbers which can help you to prevent heart disease.

Protect Your Heart
Protect Your Heart


Smoking lowers your HDL cholesterol levels, constricts blood vessels, and damages the artery’s walls. Though, people think smoking causes cancer but quitting smoking, you can also prevent the damage of your body.

Protect Your Heart: Conclusion

You can be safe by controlling habits like dieting, activity level, weight, stress, drinking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

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