Persistent Self-Care Needs Sports Water Bottle With Built-In Pill Box


Persistent self-care, or maintaining a continuous routine that will ensure your health and well-being often involves taking supplements and medicines at regular intervals. Thanks to the current lifestyle and the rat-race we are so accustomed to, self-care often takes the backseat. But, that should never be the case, especially since it is your health that allows you to keep working in the first place. So, here we are, with a sports water bottle with a built-in pill box that will never allow you to forget taking your medicines and supplements, no matter how busy you are. For a person who is working almost all through the day, this has proven to be one of the best products I got myself, and now I never have to keep reminding myself to take the meds and pills with me when I am going out.

Sports Water Bottle With Built-In Pill Box

If there’s one thing that we generally never forget, that’s taking our water. So, carrying our pills and medicines along with the water bottle itself is going to ensure that we never forget that we have to take them on time. Moreover, even if we are leaving in a hurry, we won’t have to separately remember to take the medicines along with us. This sports water bottle with a built-in pill box is something that probably every person in today’s time will wish to keep along with.

What I Liked About The Sports Water Bottle (Pros)

  • One thing that really caught my attention is how simple the design is and how wonderful the concept it. It is no rocket science and the design is something that is really simple and intuitive.
  • Multiple pill segments are perfect to keep various pills separated from each other. There are seven containers and it is perfect to load the week’s quota of medicines at one go and forget about refilling it every day.
  • BPA free plastic ensures that there is no health hazard involved for using the bottle.
  • The bottle shape and size is perfect to fit your hiking bag or your office bag and thus, no matter what your week’s plans are, this one will be your constant companion.

What I Did Not Like About The Sports Water Bottle (Cons)

  • I would have preferred a better locking mechanism for the side pill containers. After a few months of usage, the pill container lid gets a little loose and then the pills can spill out.
  • The total capacity is just 600ml. For a sports bottle that is pretty low, and should have been at least 1 liter in capacity.

Being Persistent Is Really Important In Life

Be it self-development, or self-care, or career development, being persistent is the way forward. We face multiple challenges in our life, and persistence will take us through these difficult stages. However, that should not be the reason to ignore your health. The sports water bottle with a built-in pill container makes it sure that you will never forget to keep your medicines and supplements with you and have them regularly all through the week.

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