Office Workout And What You To Know

Office Workout And What You To Know

The world is becoming fitness conscious nowadays, office workout is the best as they can be done anywhere. Be it young or old; people have started to take their health seriously. Considering the lifestyle inflicted diseases that have evolved in the last two decades, this is good that people have realized the importance of staying healthy.

It becomes a bit difficult to do a bit of physical workout when you have long working hours. And whenever you find time for yourself, there are friends and family wanting to be with you.  So, the question is, when do you find to hit the gym or do other physical activities like swimming or yoga. The answer is a bit strange. What if you do all the exercise sitting in your office cabin? Yes, you heard it right. Office workout is started to gain prominence just now. Moreover, people consider working out in their office whenever you find free time.

All you need for it is one piece of equipment, the resistance band. There are many exercises possible which you can do with just a resistance band and stay fit. Some of the exercises which are possible with the resistance band are as follows.

Office Workout And What You To Know
Office Workout And What You To Know

# 1 Chest Pull

Firstly, chest pull is the basics of office workout. Hold the sides of the resistance band in both the hands and try to squeeze those outwards.  Slowly start pulling them towards your shoulders, squeezing your shoulder blades.  Then, start to loosen the grip of the band and come to a relaxed position. Repeat this exercise. This is a good exercise for your outer chest portion. This is best for office workout.

# 2 Biceps Curl

Sit on a tall chair and place the band of the resistance band under both your feet. Put both arms on the sides under your shoulder. Start to pull the band upwards, curling your biceps. Once you are done, come back to the relaxed position and repeat the exercise. This helps in your biceps office workout.

# 3 Leg Press

Also, for office workout, the leg press is highly recommended. Place the band of your resistance band under your foot and stretch your foot outwards, striating your legs. Now, fold your knee and then stretch. Repeat this movement. This will help you in working out your legs in the office workout.

# 4 Standing Kickbacks

Place the loop of your resistance band on the foot of one leg; the band should come under the foot of your other foot. Hold the other end of the resistance band in your one hand. Now start to move your leg outwards and then bring it back to the starting position. Repeat this movement. This is a very good exercise for your gluts for office workout.

Office Workout And What You To Know
Office Workout And What You To Know

# 5 Russian Twists

Hold the resistance band in both hands and then one by one start to stretch one arm and then do the same with the other one. Continue the exercise, again and again. This one of the simplest exercises and it works your abdomen and oblique.

Conclusion Office Workout Is Important For Fitness

So, guys, there are a number of exercises that you can perform for office workout with the help of the resistance band. It is one of the most effective ways to work out while sitting on a chair. So whether you are at school, college or office, you can exercise with this office workout and save your precious time with your family and friends and not hitting a gym.

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