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The lessons learned from listening to what our body says and makes us feel is essential. You may feel very uneasy at times and feel like lying in bed all day long. When your body acts like this, then the lesson learned is that it needs rest. After continuous rest, you need to wake up and exercise your muscles by stretching yourself is another lesson learned. You will feel far better and relaxed when you reach your body after waking up. Running is one of the best lessons learned that you can also undertake as a habit for a healthy lifestyle.

Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body
Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body

Running Lessons

Yes, the best lessons that you can get to learn are by running to stay healthy and active throughout your life. Running can be the most productive exercise for the whole day. The body responds in the best way when you run for the sake of running instead of running for practice.

Here are some lessons that you learned just by listening to your body:-

Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body: Soreness Is Not An Injury

When you feel weak for so many weeks, then complete dedication towards yoga and running is needed. Yoga and running together have the best benefits to offer to your body. It will help you in becoming strong enough to lift your body weight and run miles more than your expectations.

The Happening Of Injuries Are Not Always Sudden

Yes, injuries are not still immediate, and you can get injured intentionally, as well. It just depends on your dedication to fighting against that injury instead of just resting. Rest is a necessary thing, but rest doesn’t give up on your body. It might hurt today, but it won’t be hurting tomorrow or any other day once it becomes a habit.

Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body
Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body

Rest Is Good At Times

Rest is also the necessity of the body when your body is already stressed with other works. Anyone’s collection is a healthy human body and not a machine to work without rest. Even the machine dysfunctions at times when there is a continuous workload on it. The human body cannot always take up the whole stress. It also needs rest on someday or the other. It’s good to continue your practice sessions of yoga and to run, but only how much can take at once.

Plans Of Training Are Not An Etched Stone

Training plans need to taken forward slowly and steadily according to your capabilities. Training can be a tough thing at some point if you do it hard from the beginning itself. You need to train and make exercise a habit slowly with time. Running goals are set when you run a few meters extra with every passing day. All of a sudden, a human body cannot take up much stress.

Lessons Learned From Listening To My Body: Conclusion

You must keep in mind the above lessons that your body taught you and have a healthy life. It’s not always about how much you can do at times; it’s just about how much you did.

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