Kids Healthy Eating – What you Should know about Children Nutrition and How to go about it

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Children are fragile creatures; the younger they are, the more careful attention they need regarding what they eat. It would be best if you fed your children with a balanced diet, that’s a good place to start a kids healthy eating; it will help develop every aspect of their body-brain development and the development of all six organs. Providing your children with the right diet also helps build their immune system: protecting them against any form of the disease.

In other words, every child must not be made to lack essential nutrients like vitamin D and Calcium, which is essential in the growth of the child’s bones, iron: for the development of the cognitive abilities, Omega-3 DHA for the development of the child’s brain function, and vitamin D, to support the child’s immune system.  Also, try as much as you can to feed them with lots of vegetables and fruits, and make sure it comes in varieties. Below, we have stated some useful information about children’s nutrition and how an average parent should ensure that their children get the best.

Important Children Nutrition you must Know, and How to go About It

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Every parent must consider feeding their kids with enough Fruits, Protein, Dairy, Vegetables, and Grains; we will try and explain. For proteins, consider seafood like Cuttlefish, Snails, Mussels, Clams, Oysters, and Scallops. And for meat, consider lean meat and other poultry products. Other sources of recommended protein include peas, eggs, soy products, and seeds. 

Also, add fruits to their diets, and make sure they come in varieties and fresh. Consider canned, frozen, or dried fruits instead of fruit juice. But if you choose to feed your kids with juice, make sure it is organic (without added sugar). We recommend you prepare this juice with canned fruit. You have to understand that the one-quarter cup of dried fruit is equal to one cup-equivalent of fruit. And you have to apply moderation while doing this because an excess of it can build excess calories in children.

Vegetables and Dairy Products to Consider

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Vegetables are better served fresh, canned, frozen, and dried. Try to feed them with a variety of it, e.g., dark green, starchy, red and orange, e.t.c. While selecting frozen or canned vegetables, look for one that is low in sodium. Grains are another vital nutrient you must consider while planning your kids healthy eating menu, while on it, pay more emphasis on whole-wheat bread, brown or wild rice, pasta, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, and some refined grains like rice, pasta, and white bread. 

Final Thoughts

For dairy products, encourage your children to take fat-free dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt. Again, focus more on fortified soy beverages. You should also learn how to limit your child’s calorie consumption by limiting the amount of sugar you add; we strongly advise against adding sugar in milk or organic fruit juice. When added sugar contents we mean, corn syrup, corn sweetener, brown sugar, honey, e.t.c. Finally, kids healthy eating must be the top on your priory list, because their life and development depends on it. It is our duty as adults to feed them with every necessary nutrition needed for their body’s growth and development.

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