How To Stop Smoking: Tips And Advises


Smoking is obviously hazardous to health. Many studies have shown the bad effects of smoking on human cells. Be it mouth cancer, sleep deprivation, low concentration, or weight loss, smoking is known to cause many health problems. Thus, health professionals always advise on quitting this awful habit. However, the question is how to stop smoking? What are the effective ways of doing so?

Effective Tips On How To Stop Smoking

How To Stop Smoking: Tips And Advises
How To Stop Smoking: Tips And Advises

Well, if you are on the path of trying to quit smoking, you are not alone. There are many people out there. However, there are some tips and tricks following which you can definitely be successful in this regards.

Mentally Prepare For The Quit Day

When health experts are asked about effective advice on how to stop smoking, they have one major advice to give. Firstly, you need to be mentally prepared for the task. Pick up the calendar and mark the date you want to start quitting from. However, do not pick a date that is far off in the future. This will make sure that you do not change your mind about the decision.

Make A Decision

How To Stop Smoking: Tips And Advises
How To Stop Smoking: Tips And Advises

There are two ways of quitting smoking. You may either decide to abruptly stop smoking. However, some of you may try to quit gradually. Both the ways are fine. However, the need is only to make a firm decision. However, as per studies, both the methods work well. Thus, you simply need to be firm and choose the way which works well for you.

Make Use Of NRTs

NRTs are known to reduce the cravings for a cigarette. Moreover, it also reduces the withdrawal symptoms which may often cause problems for you in stopping smoking. These NRTs are designed especially to wean your body off these cigarettes. Moreover, they also provide a controlled quantity of nicotine. However, you are spared from unnecessary exposure to other harmful chemicals which are found in the cigarettes.

You Can Also Go For Non-Nicotine Medications

Non-nicotine medications can also provide effective answers to how to stop smoking. In fact, there are two such medicines which have been approved by the FDA. These are varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban). However, it is always advisable to first talk to your health professional regarding the usage of these two. The reason is that these medications have their own set of risks and side effects attached to them.

Try To Seek Behavioral Support

Most people complain that they enjoy and emotional and physical dependence on cigarettes. Thus, it makes it difficult for them to stop smoking. However, you can always try counseling services, support systems, help forums, etc. A perfect and balanced combination between counseling and medication will surely assist you in overcoming these dependencies. Behavioral support can range from talking to writing down to reading the successful experiences of people.


How to stop smoking can be a difficult question. However, with proper guidance and strong will, you can surely find positive answers. So reach out to the right kind of people and move on the path to a healthy body.

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