How To Avoid On-The-Job Weight Gain

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Weight gain process is followed by a lot of people for a reason. Researchers have found that those doing desk job and sitting for more than 6 hours a day are more likely to be overweight than those who sit for less than 45 minutes a day. It has been seen that sedentary jobs and the lifestyles as well have contributed majorly to the increase in obesity rate over the past 20 years. And it is applicable for both men and women.

Here’s How one can avoid On-The-Job Weight Gain:

Be Sure To Eat On Time And Healthy To Avoid On-The-Job Weight Gain:

Sitting and working for hours at a stretch and realising late in the evening that you haven’t eaten since morning, will just make you more lethargic by the end of the day. Hence, to get through the day your body needs energy. So, a healthy and tasty meal should be our first priority, along with 1-2 snacks. One should avoid items with excess calories and sodium, to decrease the healthy On-the-job-weight gain.

Compensate For The Sedentary Work :

In order to compensate for the sedentary work you must do physical work. You can join a gym or take a morning walks/run or find time for fitness fun with family. You can also buy home exercise equipment and keep it at home so that on the days when you are running home late from office or there is a bad weather, you can come home and do your physical exercises, and these reasons will not even hamper your exercises.

Re-Unite With Your Network :

 There might be chances that your colleagues and your friends might need help as much as you need. So, in these cases, you can try out new activities that don’t just revolve around food. You can organize for a volleyball game, or a walk during/after lunch, or play a round of mini-golf after work. These activities will avoid you from On-the-Job Weight gain.

Don’t Eat Because Of Boredom To Avoid On-The-Job Weight Gain:

One should not eat because they are getting bored, and hence should avoid going to the vending machine and instead should eat healthy snacks like apples, almond butter, low-calories energy bars which will not let you gain more weight and will give you energy as well. You should keep water as it will give you something when you are bored  or stressed and will stop you from eating unhealthy foods when you are not hungry.

Let Go Of Modern Technologies To Avoid On-The-Job Weight Gain:

In order to avoid On-the-job, one must let go of modern technologies. Instead of sitting in your chair and ordering, deliver your orders in person, park your car at the far end of the parking lot so that you get a brisk walk from your building to the garage.  These small changes will bring much changes in your day to day life.

These small changes if implemented in your day to day life will avoid you from the On-the-job Weight gain.

This On-the-Job Weight gain can be reduced if proper and healthy foods and lifestyle is followed. Including some exercises, which will help one stay fit and avoid On-the-job weight gain.