Top 7 Healthy Dinner Recipes To Cook Tonight

Dinner has been every family has looking forward to. Not only because your family will be gathered together after a long hours of working or schooling during the day but also the fact that what will you eat for dinner.

Of course, eating dinner is not just eating. Those who are conscious about their health, they sure want to have dinner served with healthy foods.

Healthy foods, as we know, are vegetable and fruits. But take note that meat, seafoods, pork, chicken are not bad but be careful of the servings because eating too much will affect your healthy body.

For those who are thinking what should be serving on dinner time, here are some recipes that you sure shouldn’t miss!

Healthy Dinner Recipes

Veggie Noodles

Veggie Noodles may be your ideal choice for dinner. It is healthy and delicious because of its ingredients which include different vegetables.

It may contain many ingredients and a lot of time to prepare for it but in the end, you will say ‘It’s all worth it’.

Fish Lasagna

Fish are also a great source of protein and that it makes us healthy. With a touch of different style, it will make us drools just by the looks of it. The good thing about it is that it can be freeze when you have leftovers and eat it on the the next meal. You can have it also not just a dinner or meal, but also you can have it as snacks.

Chicken and mushroom Pad Thai

With its aroma and the taste of chicken, I’m sure everyone would love to eat this healthy dinner recipe. It will only take up to 20 minutes to cook it. The flavors are awesome too.

Broccoli and chicken couscous

No one can ever resist the taste of a chicken. What more if there are veggies, right? It is also easy to prepare and it is chosen by many.

But if you are vegetarian, don’t worry! There are also so many recipes you can choose from and will guarantee the fluffiness of your family’s stomach.

Broccoli Casserole

 Roasting the broccoli will add tons of flavor to the recipe

Casseroles are hitting the spot on cold, gray winter days. In addition to, they make for great leftovers.

The word Gratin may sounds elegant and wonderful,  but this is essentially a broccoli casserole.

You won’t find annoying Béchamel sauce, cream of mushroom soup mayonnaise to make in this healthy broccoli casserole recipe.

Vegetable Fried rice

This vegetable fried rice is naturally brown rice. But to others, they are using another type. This fried rice is filled with greens and different kinds of veggies that is essentially needed by the body. This vegetable fried rice may also be flavorable while making its appearances beautiful and colorful.

The vegetables are cut into thin abd very small pieces for an easy chewing because when they are mixed together, they will blend and work together. This type of recipe also preserves your leftovers and create a recipe which is very interesting yet healthy to eat.

Black Bean Soup

In this kind of recipe, you’ll just need black beans, onions for sauté, celery and carrots for added flavor. You won’t be needing any other ingredients for more complexities of the flavor. You just have to cook them until they’re tender and nice.

There are many recipes out there if you’ll look for something healthy and delicious. With your family or friends, not only you will be healthier with those foods right in front of you but also you are developing a good relationship with your friends or family when you are eating together.

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