Glance At The Recipes of Healthy Food in Mexico

Healthy Food in Mexico

Do you want to know the delicious recipes of healthy food in Mexico? It’s no surprise that Mexican food is forever a favorite of a huge crowd. Right from chile Rellenos to salsa, enchiladas to chips, every Mexican dish is a delicious twist.

Moreover, there exist different dishes where you can choose your favorite dish. For these traditional Mexican, hybrid TexMex options, these meals are worth tasting.

These delicious recipes of healthy food in Mexico are heaven that never compromises your health, considering a healthy lifestyle.

List of Recipes of Healthy Food in Mexico

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1. Steak Nachos

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Healthy food and nachos? Do you doubt over it as I do? Well, according to many people, nachos are not one of those healthy food items. However, having 360 calories, nachos offers you the ultimate taste of keeping your health in check.

Moreover, the spicy and tempting cheese sauce of this taste is awesome and helps save a good amount of calories.

2. Crispy Chipotle Shrimp Quesadilla

When you have quesadillas at restaurants, it makes you gain 1,000 calories. However, you can have the lighter Mexican version of this dish at merely 340 calories.

Also, the beautifully caramelized vegetables go hand in hand with some spicy shrimp. You can add volume to the fish without adding unnecessary fat.

3. Beef Tacos – Healthy Food In Mexico

Looking to prepare an easy Mexican meal? When you wTo have a fun taco night, a classic beef taco will be a great option to try out. The topping of fresh vegetables such as de Gallo and fresh pico will add the twist of nutrition in every bite you have.

4. Sweet Potato and Spicy Chorizo Tacos

Craving for a comforting food? Then try this sweet potato and spicy chorizo tacos. If you want a vegetarian version of this dish, replace meat with delicious soy chorizo.

5. Vegetarian Black Bean Omelet

A vegetarian black bean omelet is a healthy breakfast dish inspired by the Mexican omelet. Moreover, it’s one of the best recipes for healthy food in Mexico that one should try for sure.

Furthermore, there’s a total of 330 calories in this dish, and it’s also a pocket-friendly meal to try.

6. Guacamole – Healthy Food In Mexico

The bucket list of healthy Mexican food is incomplete without guacamole’s mention.

Moreover, guacamole is a healthier dish that can fit in your diet plan by substituting it with your usual chips.

7. Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

Looking for a sumptuous breakfast? Trust us; these burritos won’t spoil your calorie chart for a day. So, try this great, chorizo breakfast recipe.

8. Chicken Mole Enchiladas – Healthy Food In Mexico

Chicken mole enchiladas is an authentic Mexican dish that is again a healthy version.

9. Plant-Based Burrito Breakfast

Try the plant-based burrito dish that has the topping of all delicious and healthy options.

Conclusion on Healthy Food In Mexico

We hope these recipes of healthy food in Mexico would force you to try these dishes at least once and make your guest feel awesome.

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