Fall off the Exercise Wagon?


Remember in your 20s, when you were on the exercise wagon? You had your entire regime going super smooth. Be it the trips to the gym or the long morning walks; you had it all figured out. And even in your 30s, when you’ve got a job and everything but you still squeezed in the time to stay fit. But then life hits you, and now you have a hardcore job, the kids and pets to attend. You start to hit the snooze button way often, and you need more rest than before. Fall off the exercise wagon? 

We’ve all been there, and it’s challenging at the start to figure a way out. But the good part is, while it’s easy to fall off the wagon, it is just as easy to get back on. According to a few fitness professionals, these are the basic six steps for you to follow to get back on the wagon!

Fall off the Exercise Wagon?
Fall off the Exercise Wagon?

Pass Card From Your Doctor 

You may feel very fit, but you need to check in with your doctor. Especially if you’re over 69 and haven’t gotten your expertise game on for long. Your doctor helps you set a realistic goal and tells you al you need to know to get there. 

More importantly, you need to know how much you can work out without causing any harm to yourself. This plays a vital role for older people, but you need to know that there is no shame in consulting a doctor. 

Find Your Motivation When You Fall Off Exercise Wagon

If the reason for you to stop was that you reached your ideal body type or because it wasn’t as quick as you had imagined, you need to spot it. It is because whatever the reason was that stopped you, there’s a good chance that it happens again. Your priority must always be healthy. Always aspire for health, and your chances of giving up lessen.

Have Your Goals Set

You have decided to lose 15 pounds, but how? If your plan is to walk, then sure, go ahead and do that. If you want to find a sport to help you get there, find that. The key is clarity. You need to have a clear idea about your goal and how to get there. It ensures that you actually stick on to the plan and not sway away.

Find The Fun Element 

Working out isn’t always the most fun for everybody.  So, this involves finding the best playlist or learning a sport. Learning a new sport is always a thrill. Because most sports are team events, they push you to work hard.

Find A Partner When You Fall Off Exercise Wagon

You can always depend on a workout buddy or go for treks or walks with your pets. It is an excellent way of staying pumped. Finding someone who is more dedicated always comes to an advantage. Find a friend who genuinely wants to stay fit and allow them to drag you outdoors and burn some calories.

Fall off the Exercise Wagon?
Fall off the Exercise Wagon?

Pace Yourself 

Most people tend to go all out the first two months, and then they hit a downward curve. It is problematic. You need to understand your pace. You cannot go overboard for a month and then slow it down the next. Finding a balance can help you stay in line with your goal. Consistency is always appreciated. 

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