Change Your Habits For Better You


We all have some habits that we want to change but lack the knowledge and will to see it through. However, don’t worry, here you will find how to do just that. The small things to remember when changing habits are both simple and straightforward.

Below are some things you can follow to change your bad habits.

Note Down The Habits You Need To Change

It means thinking about your behavior thoroughly. Make a list of things you find that contribute to your bad habits. Choose one item at a time to change.

Replace The Unhealthy Habit With Healthy Ones

Just thinking about changing habits isn’t enough because it is not enough. The best thing to do to follow a predetermined behavior pattern is to act. For example, throwing out all the junk food in your refrigerator and filling it with healthy fruits and vegetables. That way, when you are unbearably hungry, you will have to eat healthy foods.

Change Your Habits For Better You
Change Your Habits For Better You

Remove Triggers

By “triggers” I mean certain things that provoke you to follow your bad habit. Identification and avoidance of these triggers are necessary. For example, if you crave a cigarette when you are at a social gathering, try to avoid social triggers—restaurants, bars for a while until you get the hang of your new habit.

Imagine The Changed Version Of Yourself

Thoroughly think about all the things that would be better when you change. So, give some time to envision yourself with new habits every day. This kind of visualization works. The more you think and do it, the more it becomes fixated in your brain, and your default choice can be a healthier one for you.

Note Down The Things That Demoralize You

The resistance in your brain can adversely affect your behaviors. So, when you find yourself saying, “I’m lazy” or something like that, either reframe it or redirect it. Reframing is when you replace it with, “I’m doing exercise, Redirecting is when you follow up your negative self-talk of “I’m lazy” with “but I’m doing exercise for a healthier lifestyle.” This is a very effective way of changing habits.

Keep The Change Small

There comes a time when you can’t follow through with a whole new habit. If that happens, try to turn something new into a habit. For example, if you’ve missed out the time to exercise because you have some other important business, find some time to squeeze in at least 20 minutes. That way you’ll strengthen that “this is my new habit.”

Change Your Habits For Better You
Change Your Habits For Better You

Failure Is Guaranteed

We all sometimes meet with failures. Habits are not something that changes right away. You will find yourself breaking your promises several times. Learn to accept that and be courageous enough to say, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Accept That It Takes Time

Habits take several weeks and sometimes even months to change. Our brains are designed to optimize the actions that we perform repeatedly. This process is known as Myelination and forms the basis of all habitual behaviors in humans. Changing a habit takes time because the existing neural network has to be broken down. A newer one then forms in its place. Therefore, the key to changing habits is to do the activities of the new pattern repeatedly.

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