Breaking The Habit Products Which Can Be Your Best Friends


We all look for the product that helps in breaking our habits of leisure. We need something that can accompany us and boost us for healthier and up to grade living. We have two products; one is a camera that will help you to capture all your activities and track them down, and another one is the bottle that will be great for you to remind you to drink water. You need not be dependent on anybody for that as it will solve your purpose to remember you and act as your well-wisher.

Panorama Camera 360 For Sports And Outdoor Activities

This Panorama Camera products gives an amazing digital 3D video recording. It also supports panoramic photo shooting, car driving recording, and audio recording. It supports different preview modes and super wide view angle. You will not receive a complaint about any angle shot taken by this camera. Its high definition video recording, which is digital motion, can shoot 16mp images and VR videos.

This camera will make you experience wireless shooting as you can still fix it on a UAV. It displays multiple application modes to display with annular, half round, inner rim, VR, half angle, panoramic view, round and square. Your phone must have a built-in gyroscope to access this.

It comes with a waterproof case so that it can be used on a rainy day. It is easy to carry and has a compact size. You can always control the video from your phone.

Sports Water Bottle Smart Reminder With Mist Sprayer

This smart Sports Water Bottle Products is an ideal summer sports friend for camping trips, cycling, and other activities for outdoor. It will remind you that you need to drink in 2 hours! This bottle even has a mist sprayer that offers you cool off skin in summer. It is excellent as it comes with an SOS indicator lighting as a guiding light and for emergency stopping out and about.

It is your companion that will remind you to drink, shower the fine cool mist on you, rejuvenate your skin and the air in your room and help you to see things at night.

Ways To Activate Mist Spray

Open the sprayer at the bottom and pour some clear water to its tank (sprayer tank).

Toggle the switch down to spray.

Then, slide up if you want to stop the spray.

Set Reminder

Press the power button long for 2 seconds, and you will hear a sound. You will even see a flashlight in a blue color twice.

After two hours, you will hear that sound five times, and again, the bottle will flash blue for at least 5 mins so that it will remind you to drink water again.

If at all you want to stop the function, once it turns it on then in that case press the power button for 2 seconds and it will turn it off.

To activate the lighting, press the power button, and if you press it again, it will give the SOS signal. It is great in terms of breaking the habit that is bad like not drinking water.

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