8 Weird and Shocking Health Tips

Drink at least eight glasses every day, exercise regularly, eat lots of fruits and veggies, sleep at least eight hours a day – these are only a few of the many common health tips that people usually hear.

So, to make this post a bit different, in this content we’re not going to discuss such common health advice, instead, we will talk about the tips that you rarely hear or read. In fact, these weird and shocking health tips may possibly improve your overall health and even save your life.

Weird and Shocking Health Tips

1. Do Not Brush your teeth after eating

Did you know that brushing your teeth instantly after consuming acidic foods such as tomatoes, soda, or sports drinks isn’t good for the teeth? In fact, if you do this you will accelerate the effects of the acid that will harm the layers of your teeth.

2. Eat More Chocolates

Consume more chocolates, most especially the dark ones since they inhibit blood clotting as well  as enhance blood flow in the artery. The sweet, on the other hand, can also alleviate high blood pressure, reduce anxiety and PMS symptoms, and offer magnesium and supply antioxidant. Further, avoid eating milk and white chocolate which bring a few health benefits.

3. Consume Hot Sauce Regularly

If you want to look sexy and hot, add spicy condiments to your meals regularly. Even so, the main reason it may work in your diet is that it slows down the eating pace and acts as a hunger suppressant. In addition to that, it will also rev up your thirst that will make you take plenty of water instead of food.

4. Minimize use of antibacterial soap

When your soap claims to kill 99.99 percent of germs, you may possibly feel a deceitful sense of safety, but antibacterial might not certainly be better for you than normal soap.

 In the actual fact according to the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration), often antibacterial soaps contain harmful chemicals like triclosan that may cause a hormonal imbalance, especially when utilized in the long run.

So as an alternative, simply wash your hands using water and plain soap. Actually, it is still one of the most effective methods of minimizing the extent of transferrable diseases. 

5. Get a dog or cat

Furry friends might be fundamental to a healthier heart. Nonetheless, owning a dog is associated  with a reduced possibility of cardiovascular diseases because owners tend to obtain more exercise.

On the other hand, feline owners were found to have a lower risk of fatal heart attacks compared to non-feline owners.

6. Exercise to improve energy levels

After a very long and tiring day, probably, exercise is the last thing that you wish to do. However, getting moving may actually energize you. Further, through exercise, you will be able to recharge your tired cells by offering them more oxygen.

On the other hand, physical activities that build muscle strength enhances mitochondria’s efficiency that gives off the energy needed in the cells.    

7. Consume more calories if you want to lose weight

 Without a doubt, carbs on their own might not do anything but spike blood sugar which may leave you hungrier. Incorporating fats as well as proteins like cheese and peanut butter will upsurge your meal’s calorie count. However, it will make you feel full rapidly and keep satisfied for a longer period that leads to consuming lesser calories sooner or later.

8. Drink caffeine to improve your sleep or naps

The majority of people associate drinking coffee by keeping awake. However, taking naps immediately after drinking one can offer you a more restful sleep since the effects of caffeine do not kick in instantly. 

After drinking a cup of coffee, immediately take a 15 to 20-minute nap and you will feel refreshed, say United Kingdom researchers. 


Some tips when it comes to improving your health are relatively straightforward. Exercise more and eat less in order to lose weight, get more sleep to boost energy levels, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. However, others are totally weird and surprising.

Nevertheless, the eight tips mention above actually works, but, they may possibly leave you feeling shocked and scraping your head.

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