6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Are Easy to Make and Will Kickstart Your Day

Breakfast is indeed the most vital meal of the day simply because it kickstarts your metabolic rate and helps you burn calories during the day. In addition to that, it offers you the energy that you need to get things completed and helps you concentrate at school at work. Actually, these are only a few of the many reasons why breakfast is considered the most vital meal.

Many studies, on the other hand, have also associated eating healthy breakfast to good health like better concentration and memory, and lower possibilities of being overweight, getting heart disease and diabetes.

By now, for sure you’re already aware of how essential breakfast is. To help you reap all the benefits of eating breakfast, we have a prepared a list of healthy breakfast recipes that will surely start your day right and full of energy. Don’t worry, because all the recipes we included in this list are very easy to make.

6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1. Yogurt and Berry Smoothie

Here is a delicious and easy to make smoothie that is perfect for those who don’t have enough time to prepare their breakfast every morning.

All you have to do is blend frozen fruits such as berries and banana with a liquid of your choice (coconut water, juice, milk, or whatever you want) and Greek yogurt. Freeze overnight and blend up in the morning or defrost all through the day to relish in the afternoon.

2. Quinoa & Chia Breakfast Cereal

Cooking quinoa in almond milk, soy milk, or cow mill and incorporating fruits and sweet spices makes a great substitute for a classic hot porridge. This breakfast recipe is actually rich in protein and important amino acids such as lysine that’s crucial for tissue repair and tissue growth.

To prepare this, simply place all the needed ingredients to a pot and then bring to a boil. After which, simmer, stir, and top it with your desired extras.

3. Scrambled eggs w/ Pesto, Tomatoes, and Beans

Enjoy a healthy amount of folate, potassium, lycopene, protein, and vitamin C with this tasty and fiber-rich breakfast recipe. Similar to the first two recipes, this one is also very simple to make.

First, beat the eggs in a bowl then add water, pepper, and salt. Second, in a pan, heat 2tsps of oil then sauté the beans and tomatoes. After a minute or two, transfer it to a plate.

Next, cook the eggs for about two minutes. Lastly, serve the egg and top it with pesto and the tomato and beans mixture. Don’t forget to accompany it with toasted bread.

4. Avocado Toast

In the actual fact, there is an advantage to beginning your day with avocado toast. An avocado is a fruit that is packed with fiber as well as cholesterol-lowering fat.

Further, this healthy breakfast can be made in just three easy steps. First, mash the fruit on toasted bread. Second, drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil. Third, sprinkle with red pepper flakes and salt. There you have it an easy to make breakfast that will definitely start your day right.

5. Warm Fruits in a Bowl

Do you want dessert for breakfast? If so, then this recipe that is gluten-free is perfect for you. Just bake a berry mixture in your oven, then sprinkle it with dark chocolates, and add a glass of milk.  

6. Egg Breakfast Muffin

Craving for muffins that don’t contain sugar? Then this recipe is for you. The good thing about this egg breakfast muffin is that you can prepare them ahead of time and they will last for a week.

Simply whisk or blend the eggs with cheese, spinach, and bacon and then transfer the mixture to muffin tins. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes before eating or keeping in the fridge for later. 


Some people skip their breakfast because they don’t have enough time to prepare and in fact, it is a big mistake. If you do not eat your breakfast, you may possibly get very hungry later on and you will end up eating snacks that are loaded with sugar and fats. Bear in mind that such foods aren’t good for your health.

So, if you want to have a day that is full of energy and a healthier lifestyle, start your day right by preparing and eating any of the above-mentioned recipes.

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