5 Surprising Facts About Fitness That Every Person Should Know

Whether it is your first time to visit the gym or you’re a passionate gym goer, check out these 5 surprising facts about fitness. These fitness facts, on the other hand, will definitely help you achieve your health goals in no time. So without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Surprising Fitness Facts

1. Stretching Before Running Could Lower A Person’s Endurance

Many people have been trained to warm up before starting an exercise. But a recent study suggests that stretching before running might not be valuable to your workout as it makes your body inefficient.

Thus, rather than stretching, try to warm up using a running-specific move or simply walk so that you will be able to mobilize your joints before running. But nevertheless, don’t forget to incorporate stretches to your post-run routines.   

2. Facebook Helps In Boosting Fitness Motivation

5 Surprising Facts About Fitness That Every Person Should Know

Did you know that browsing your social media like Facebook can help you achieve your fitness goals? Well, actually, some research suggests that if you browse your Facebook you will be able to boost your motivation.

3 .Crunches Won’t Offer You A Flat Stomach

One of the extremely insistent myths surrounding the industry of fitness is the awareness that crunches can offer people a flat stomach. In the actual fact, crunches don’t burn lots of calories. What’s more, they only deliver a few results most especially if they are done exclusively.

Having that said, if you really want to make your stomach flat effectively, you will have to pair a goal-driven and balanced diet with some calorie burning cardio workouts or exercises.

4. Sweating a lot has no connection to fat loss

In the actual, sweating is just a chilling mechanism which our body employs naturally in order to control the body temperature. For this reason, it is quite obvious that it has nothing to with fat loss.

Sweating, on the other hand, is not just triggered by exercises. Actually, perspiration also takes place when the climate is warm, you feel scared, and you become overwhelmed by anxiety, nervousness, or stress.

Further, losing or burning fat comes exclusively from one main belief – burn higher calories than you absorb. One study shows that if a person wants to burn 1lb of fat, he/she should burn 3500cal.  Either way, this can be achieved with ease if you lessen the number of calories you grasp daily. Further, you should also increase the amount of physical activity.

5. Morning Exercises can actually make you sick

5 Surprising Facts About Fitness That Every Person Should Know

Though exercising on a regular basis is good for your health, studies suggest that a night owl might have a bigger advantage compared to an early-bird exerciser.

Heavy training sessions that were being performed in the morning may compromise your immune system. Aside from that, it will also put an athlete at an increased possibility of infection from viruses and bacteria.

While gentle exercise sessions or a morning jog and walk is less likely to bring you at risk it is best to save heavy workouts in the afternoon.

Other Fitness Facts:

  • Moderate-intensity activities get your heart beating more rapidly letting you breathe harder and break a sweat.
  • All kinds of physical activity are beneficial for the overall health of your heart. For instance, you can use the stairs rather than using the elevator.
  • Constancy is the most crucial factor in staying and becoming fit.

These are only a few of the many surprising facts that you need to know about fitness. By taking these details into consideration, trust us, you will be able to reach your workout and as well as health goals effectively and with ease.

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