Unhealthy Temptations


Temptations of Unhealthy Temptations food are no less than an enemy. They hit your brain right at the moment when you feel low or have nothing to engage your mind. In fact, people following strict dieting routine or going through severe emotional phases are more prone to get hit by unhealthy temptations. 

So, What Should You Do?

10 Ways To Outsmart Unhealthy Temptations
10 Ways To Outsmart Unhealthy Temptations

Should you surrender and binge eat unhealthy food? 

No! you should never fall prey to your unhealthy temptation because they are unhealthy for your mind and body. If this fact could not get you motivated enough to outsmart your unhealthy temptations, then this article will tell you ten ways to outsmart them. 

 Accept Your Unhealthy Temptations And Be Mindful About Them

Make a list of all the cravings that you get and mark them under the tag – not healthy for the body. Whenever unhealthy food temptations hit you, read this list aloud and resist. Moreover, even if you feel helpless, practice deep breathing, and focus your mind. Slowly, exhale and inhale until your brain stops making you crave unhealthy food. 

10 Ways To Outsmart Unhealthy Temptations
10 Ways To Outsmart Unhealthy Temptations

Unhealthy Temptations: Drink More Water

It is often said that when you feel thirsty, you have mistaken it for hunger. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated during the day (at least drink eight glasses of water) because it will help you feel full and avoid unhealthy food temptation or untimely munching. 

 Differ Your Wants And Needs

You must know the difference between what you want and need. Because often people want to eat in a fancy restaurant even if it’s not necessary. Try to eat healthy foods that you make at home rather than eating out.

Hit The Gym As One Of The Successful Tactics To Outsmart Temptations

When you know you have cheated on your healthy diet, compensate it by doubling up your gym routine. Exercise 20 minutes extra a day so that you don’t regret it when you realize what have you done to your body by relishing unhealthy food. 

Distract Yourself From Constant Temptations

Have control over your mind and actions in spite of having a constant desire to have food. Moreover, you should try to distract yourself by doing some exciting work. Keeping yourself busy will distract your mind from hunger!

Make Unhealthy Dessert A Healthy One

While you crave a dessert, don’t run away from it. Despite, try to make your desserts healthy by adding nutritional content. You can make it sugar-free, add a lot of dry fruits, etc. 

 Brush When Feeling An Urge Of Munching 

Moreover, if you feel hungry, brush your teeth. As toothpaste will make you feel fresh, you will feel hunger anymore.

Count Calories And Keep A Note

While you keep track of your calories, you will know ‘when and what to each?’ Therefore, you should be more strict about taking the desired calories a day. 

Search A New Passion For Outsmarting Temptations

Sitting idle without anything to do can also make your mind dull and crave for unhealthy foods to feel good. You can outsmart this by finding a new passion and following it daily. A busy mind will never think of unhealthy food. 

 Procrastinate Desires 

Moreover, whenever you desire to eat something unhealthy, start procrastinating your wants. Procrastination will keep you postponing the urge to eat, finally keeping you away from those temptations.

Therefore, if you have been finding it hard to outsmart unhealthy temptations and live a healthy life, then follow the above tactics to outsmart your desires to have unhealthy food. 

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